AFGC S.A., 1st private guarantee fund in the WAEMU region
L'Africaine des Garanties et du Cautionnement


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Who are the beneficiaries ?

Companies incorporated to the trade register and fulfilling the following conditions :

  • Having a registered office or a representation in Benin ;
  • Aiming at or carrying out activities such as the purchase and sale transactions, the production of goods and/ or services, service delivery, the execution of contracts etc. ;
  • Operating for at least 3 years.

Which fundings can be guaranteed ?

A maximum of five (5) years medium term bank loans earnmarked for the execution of further expansion or modernization projects.

Which sectors can apply ?

All business sectors except the housing development sector.

Which programs can be financed ?

Investments in physical items such as (buildings, equipments etc.) and/ or intangible investments (business capital, patents, leasing rights, working capital requirement etc.)

How long is the guarantee time period?

The guarantee time period corresponds to that of the loan with a maximum of five (5) years.

What are the percentage and guarantees ceiling?

  • Percentage cover : 50% maximum of the overall credit with a guarantee ceiling of FCFA 200 million ;
  • Guarantee risk ceiling : FCFA 400 million for a company, all guaranted loans included.

How much does the guarantee cost ?

  • 2% per year (exclusive of taxes) per indivisible quarter ;
  • Application fees : 0.25% flat with a maximum of FCFA 100,000.

What is the response time of AFGC S.A.?

10 working days maximum as from the date of submission of the complete application.

How to submit applications ?

Through a credit institution selected by the beneficiary but is bound to AFGC S.A. by an agreement.